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Waterproof Head Scratcher Electric Head Scalp Massager Hair Growth Oil Serum Comb Regrowth Hair Treatment With Red Light Therapy

Waterproof Head Scratcher Electric Head Scalp Massager Hair Growth Oil Serum Comb Regrowth Hair Treatment With Red Light Therapy

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Brand Name: vilnason

Origin: Mainland China

Application: Head

Size: Medium

Material: ABS

Model Number: KH-2213

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Product Name: Electric Massage Brush

Operating Voltage: 3.7V

Tank Capacity: 6ml

Feature1: Electric Head Scalp Massager

Feature2: Hair Growth Comb

Feature3: Oil Serum Comb

Feature4: Waterproof Head Scratcher

Feature5: Regrowth Hair Machine

Feature6: Red Light Therapy

Feature7: Hair Treatment Machine

Feature8: Massage Comb

Feature9: Head Massager

Feature11: Scalp Massager for Hair Growth

Waterproof Head Scratcher Electric Head Scalp Massager Hair Growth Oil Serum Comb Regrowth Hair Treatment With Red Light Therapy

Product Name:Electric Massage Brush

Operating Voltage: 3.7V

Charging Voltage :DC 5V


Battery Capacity:150mAh

Tank Capacity:6ml

Product Net Weight:80g

Product Size55*30*70mm

Product Feature

1.Two-color integrated molding, flexible and skin-friendly texture.

2. Mini size, palm grip convent easily

3. The liquid storage tank is made of high-quality PCTG material, the liquid outlet teethare made of high-quality metal copper nickel-plated, and the body is made of highquality TPU material, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, no heavy metalsno chemical reaction with the liquid medicine, strong applicability, safety and durability.

4. 17mm wide-mouth liquid reservoir, easy to add liquid and clean freely.

5. 6ml liquid storage capacity, once added liquid can be used for 2-3 days.

6. Self-owned [Negative pressure liquid discharge] patented technology, one press othe soft cover can adjust the speed of liquid discharge

7. 5micro-current activated teeth, combined with 625nm red light waves and 10.000gh-frequency vibration massages per minute, soothe the scalp while promoting theskin to absorb the liquid medicine, and enhance the hair growth effect.

8. IPX5 waterproof, Type-c charging port is not afraid of washing.

Packing List

1*Electric Oil Scalp Brush  

1*Charging cable

1*Instructions 1 copy

1 set Packing Box

Product Use

1.Open the storage tank

2.Pour the hair liquid and reset the lid

Pour the hair liquid no more than 6ml

3.Long press the power button to turn on , or turn off : clickthe switch modes .

Hair growth mode(red light wave, vibration, micro current)

Massage mode(vibration, micro current)

Rejuvenation mode(red light wave, micro current)

4.Hold the liquid guide comb , the comb teeth are in contactwith the scalp , press and slide or point pressure withappropriate force to apply the liquid medicine evenly on thescalp : properly press the liquid storage tank cover toincrease the liquid discharge speed . After use , clean theremaining liquid in the liquid tank and dry the liquid tankand keep it clean.

Kind Tips:

(1) The guide comb is equipped with an intelligent shutdown function , which startscounting after starting up and automatically shuts down in 10 minutes.

(2) When the battery voltage is insufficient , the 3 red light waves will flash continuously for6 times to remind you . After the low voltage warning , the scalp liquid comb can workfor another 4 minutes.

(3) The white indicator light of the charging status is always on , and the white indicator light of the charging status is off .In charging mode . the instrument can work.


1.After adding liquid,please cover the liquid tank cover in time , and put it on the combprotection cover when placing.

2.After use , please clean the liquid tank of the fuselage in time . If it is not cleaned in the time the residual liquid will easily evaporate and crystallize after prolonged contact with the air,resulting in blockage of the liquid guide teeth and affecting the liquiddischarge effect.

3.It is forbidden to hit theguide tooth with hard objects , the deformation of the liquid guide tooth will affect its liquid discharge effect or cause irreversible damage.

4.Please keep this product away from children.

5.The red light wave and vibration are obviously weakened When the battery is low, itneeds to be charged in time.

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